All of our content can be delivered online or face-to-face

Use the power of a Virtual Adventure at your next  team meeting

How does it work?

Choose your own adventure

We have virtual adventures that take you mountain climbing, big wave surfing, kayaking for hundreds of kilometres in pristine waterways and tracking African animals... on foot.

We will make a recommendation on what Virtual Adventure we think best supports your meeting objectives.

Set the scene

Log on to an online platform and be transported into a new environment through the use of interactive videos & storytelling.

Imagine you are us on an expedition.

The adventure begins

We play a video clip that presents a choice.
You decide which path to follow.

We then play the outcome of your decision which leads to another choice... and so on.

Connect to business

Looking for better team connections? Want to build resilience in your team and align behind a common goal or purpose?

We approach these types of questions, head-on.
Along the way, expert facilitators connect the adventure to your business challenge. Our experiences deliver real insights to improve your organisational effectiveness.

What's next?

Contact us for a demo today or explore our adventure themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform do you use?

We can work on any video conferencing platform that supports video sharing. We have delivered many events on Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

How many people can attend?

The beauty of technology allows us to deliver to audiences of any size. Contact us for our recommendation for your group size.

How much time does it take?

Virtual Adventures take longer than a typical 60-minute workshop. The total time will depend on how much time you want to spend on business-focused discussions.

Is this a once-off experience?

We have a variety of options that build on the learning outcomes of a Virtual Adventure, like keynotes, workshops and a curriculum of bite-sized learning modules. Reach out to find out more.

Do you still do face to face events?

You bet we do! Contact us to talk about how we manage the current restrictions in our face-to-face events.

What type of events are virtual adventures good for?

All of them! Sales kickoffs, senior team meetings, leadership programmes, conferences, offsites, town halls & team building sessions. Reach out and we will co-design something to best fit your needs.
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