A Bit about us

Exploring the natural world and the universal truths that lead to high performance in both the wilderness and corporate life

How we work

We climb mountains, dive in limestone caves and track African animals on foot... So you can experience them safely!

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Established in 2003, our products address the complexities of leadership and team dynamics in corporate culture today. Our mix of energetic team building & practical, business-focused workshops gives participants the confidence and skills to focus time, effort and resources on meaningful objectives that make a difference for their teams & for the organisation. We help our clients share a culture that delivers outstanding business results… using adventure as a metaphor, that way it's productive & fun! In 2020, we've added to our traditional face-to-face experiences with a digital offering.

Our Guiding Principles

Be Passionate

Put a bit of fire in everything we do.

Be Curious

Always be looking for the next adventure.

Be Valuable

Deliver real outcomes for our clients.

What's in our future?

In the next three years, we want to...

1. Film three more adventures (coral reefs & white water rafting are being heavily researched in this office!)

2. Be leading the way in virtual meetings

3. Partner with organisations to build bespoke experiences

4. Build partnerships with like-minded organisations

5. Enable facilitators around the world to deliver our adventures

6. Get an office pooch (we want a mascot!)