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Tracking Success

Track Your Success

Do you want to understand the importance of:

  • Clearly identifying your opportunity?
  • Deeply understanding the market in which you are operating?
  • Speed, efficiency and creativity in achieving your goals?
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How do you ensure that you are getting the best return on effort?

Set in Southern Africa, this Virtual Adventure immerses you into the complex and ancient art of animal tracking. The goal is to track and find a leopard, lion and rhino on foot - they are 3 of Africa’s Big 5.

Wild animals make up their own minds and roam freely, we do not fully understand their communication signals. This generates uncertainty, but expert trackers are comfortable with this.

You may be wondering how tracking wild animals can connect to a business message? Organisations are tracking all the time, they track revenue, growth, profit, innovation, new customers and competitors. They also track goals.

The best animal trackers are rational and creative at the same time. The ability to see through the clutter to the essential detail and at the same time, be intensely aware of the environment around them. They must understand the animals’ behaviour, habitat; and relationship to other species and in some cases, individual personality.

To be successful, the tracker must be able to adapt, improvise, change tactics, and stay on-track in the changing environment. All of these things are vital in our organisations too.

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